Moka Food's national business is growing strongly on the strength of new product innovation and quality performance.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the executives and team brings forth recognition and assistance to customers of their changing needs. The understanding of both the client and consumer markets keeps Moka Foods abreast with new technological advances, innovative methodology and new product development.

Customers are invited, and have taken up this opportunity, to approach management regarding modification to existing products, for instance meeting dietary trends or cultural requirements or even creating a new product. An example of this is the Baby Cake. A small sized potato cake that still retains flavour and a crunch with every bite. Products can be produced to your specification.

We are fully conversant with world health and food regulations. Performance and quality are continually monitored at the factory and at our cold storage facilities to maintain our high standards. All our procedures are regularly evaluated to ensure that we keep pace with changing business environments and world market expectations.