Moka products should only be stored Frozen (-15c), and products should be cooked immediately after being removed from the freezer, to ensure product integrity, and best results when cooking

The Moka products should be cooked immediately after removed from the freezer.

Thawing the product causes an array of issues, such as excess oil absorption

To ensure a consistently crunchy product, make sure you cook from frozen every time

No, Moka Products will be their most crispy and golden, when cooked at 180c. Lower temperatures can cause splitting and increase cooking time. For optimum results always cook at 180c.

Yes you can. Depending on your location we can direct you to one of distributors or stockists where you will be able to purchase our products.

Feel free to contact us to get a list of our distributors and stockists.

Moka Foods uses a number of sustainable growers that pick and pack the freshest Australian potatoes from all over Australia delivered to our doorstep.

Unfortunately, not. Moka Foods doesn’t supply any shops directly, because we take the time to choose the best distributors across the country to accommodate your needs and requirements. You might have one store or multiple stores around the country we are quite confident that our distribution network will have a solution for your business

Moka Foods is HACCP certified and adhere with FSANZ guidelines and is audited regularly.

If you require a copy of our most up to date certificate, contact us today?

Yes, Moka Foods entire potato cake range consists of fresh Australian Potato’s. We even state it on our ingredients panel because we are bloody proud of it.

The terminology used in Australia differs from state to state. In Victoria and Tasmania they are known as Potato cakes, in NSW and QLD they’re known as Potato Scallops, and in SA they are knows as fritters.

Whatever you call it, we make it!

If your query hasn’t been answered from the questions above, please feel free to get in contact with us.