Freshness and quality from gate to platE

From the Mokadog and burger, to the brand new cheese Kransky, our meat range shows our drive for innovation and strive to meet customer demand.

The traditional Mokaburger is made with Aussie beef. While the battered cheese kransky and Mokadog are made to a secret family recipe and dipped in our traditional crispy batter. With the crunch that your customers love.

About our meat range

  • Cook from frozen in your fryer for best results
  • Traditional family recipe
  • Highest Quality meat sourced
  • Available across Australia

Pick the product that’s perfect for you

Moka is the right move for you if:

  • You’re looking for an all year supply of quality, crafted potato cakes 
  • You’d love to pack more punch and profit to your bain-marie
  • You want to deliver consistent quality so your customers keep coming back for more