Our Products

When you start with the best ingredients. You end with the best product.

Unreliable suppliers and inconsistent quality means unhappy customers. We’re dedicated to crafting a better product and delivering superior service, that’ll breathe new life into your bain-marie.

From the Field  

Our potato cakes (or scallops for our interstate friends) are crafted from fresh, Australian potato.  We have both a sliced, and crafted potato range, so we can deliver exceptional quality that’s cost-effective, all year round. 

This isn’t one potato cake size-fits-all.

From the Sea

Our fish and seafood sticks are dipped in traditional batter for the perfect flavour and crunch.

From the Farm 

Our meat products are the perfect bain-marie accompaniment to our potato cakes and seafood. 

If you’re ready to make the move to Moka and experience our outstanding service and unbeatable taste for yourself